Writing Again?

Well hello *echo echo echo*

It has been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything on here. I’m a little shocked to find that people still read it though, you guys are such troopers. I kind of ran out of things to talk about, and didn’t really process things the same way anymore so the honest posts I came here for weren’t as real for me. I also found another area of blogging that I am super into ie style blogging- I love being able to pretend I’m Aimee Song or whatever from time to time.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about coming back on here and writing for my own fun again. School definitely adds a dimension to writing that I don’t always have a healthy relationship with, and I really want to be able to just write again, you know. So I’m going to try to ease myself back into this.

I’m thinking I’ll post more book and article reviews in addition to my thinking out loud posts, I feel like this blog was already going that way so it feels like a natural progression? Lmao anyhow. This was just me poking my head round the door to check just how much dust had settled.

Maybe I’ll be back with a chair soon.




There were never enough Mondays

Body sold to keep mind afloat

Now drowns on Sundays

Awaits baptism

Awaits rebirth

Awaits crucifixion

The blood of sacrifice ransom for sin

Stained and broken

Take me back, please


When it’s gone is when your hand reaches out

The ghosts speak more lucidly

Real things take real space and the fullness of your void cannot be compromised

The echo feels better than the melody


Breaking my Highlife virginity: the purpose of experience

The Lost Scrolls


I began this posting wanting to share my experience with highlife music with the world. However, I’ve decided to broaden the conversation to be about all forms of art in general.
I grew up in Ghana, in an era of ghanaian music where the highlife rhythms of the 80s and 90s were being redefined by this new youthful and energetic blend of hip hop, funk, Soul and the African spirit called hip-life. I matured to this soundtrack ( together with hip hop and r&b which were at their peaks and steady colonizing ears all over the world). Being reclusive, consuming art was one satisfying way to live. It was the bond forged between music and I through childhood that has and is turning me into the person I am turning out to be. I listen to a weird mix, which could see me playing old school gangster rap one minute…

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